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The aim to develop Da Nang city to be an intelligent city, concentrate on maitaining and developing strengths of some main fields: tourism, information technology, medication, education, finance…, foreign language (especially English) is being an important factor to promote sustainable and rapid development of Da Nang city.

The birth of foreign language centers ensures to meet the learners’ need which is increasing day by day, also enhancing the quality in training foreign language of the city in order to reate the attraction and the competence in educational field and get the investation in the fields that require high quality labours.

On that basic, IGEN foreign language center is established at the number 143 and is operated at the number 211 by Da Nang Education and Training Department, on the twelfth of march, 2020.

The IGEN foreign language center has 100% teachers who graduated from Da Nang Foreign Language University, Department of Teaching.

The IGEN foreign language center is equiped fully with office equipments/devices such as: desks, chairs, computer, printer, internet system…; classrooms are enough lights, fans, air-conditioners, blackboards, desks, benches, TV and other conditions which ensure for the teaching of teachers and the learning of students.

We belive that the IGEN foreign language center will help learners have more choices for learning English, have the most suitable environment to enhance your English using skills, play an important role in the general development of  Hoa Xuan area, Cam Le District in particular and Da Nang city in general.

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Contact information IGEN Foreign Language Center

Address: 49 Tran Van Can street, Hoa Xuan ward, Da Nang city.

Hotline: 0917.982.345

Email: trungtamngoainguigen@gmail.com


Da Nang IGEN Foreign Language Center: Medical English; Business English; Information Technology English; The Expanding and Consolidation of General English Education Program; Training IELTS; Basic and communication English; English for teenagers; English for Younger Learners; Preschool English; English for the Service Industry.

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