Our Commitment

Help you speak English confidently or refund. Unbelievable? But this is our commitment.

Effective method of teaching

IGEN’s Curricumlum and Certificates  meet CEFR standards.

Flexible studying time

We offer flexible solutions which help you proactively in choosing the right studying time.

Native teachers

Our teacher are from countries where English is the main language, such as the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia.

The program works

Practising speaking English more, your English vocabulary will be promoted considerably. You will find a lot of interesting short English stories ...
Among 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, most learners find it difficult to speak English. It is easy for you to find out ...
When gethering to the same topic, learning by hard the vocabulary will be surely much more simple. This way is especially good for office because ...
You should practise knowledges that you have learned by speaking English regularly. For example, when you go shopping, you try to name things that ...

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Contact information IGEN Foreign Language Center

Address: 49 Tran Van Can street, Hoa Xuan ward, Da Nang city.

Hotline: 0917.982.345



Da Nang IGEN Foreign Language Center: Medical English; Business English; Information Technology English; The Expanding and Consolidation of General English Education Program; Training IELTS; Basic and communication English; English for teenagers; English for Younger Learners; Preschool English; English for the Service Industry.

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