How to practise speaking English fluently and coherently?

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A lot of people still have a scaring mentality when they communicate with native speakers although they have had a good knowledge level of English. So, how to practise speaking English well to comminicate fluently and coherently? The following writing will help you understand this matter.

English masters say that being afraid of speaking English is the general mentality of most people learning English in Viet Nam although they have practised speaking English for years.

And occording to a abservation, the masters have found out the reason and solution for everyone who wants to communicate English coherently, comfortably and naturally most.


The reason: ashamed mentality

It is shy to speak English because of ashamed mentality

If you are suffering from this problem, you can’t open your mouth to speak any English words eventhough you have tried your best to practise speaking English so much. Ashamed mentality always makes you become abashed to talk to other people, especially to native speakers.

The solution: open your mouth and talk

The much you talk, the better you get. A lot of people try to give different reasons why they don’t talk, with in the case of ashamed mentality.

The more reasons you give, the farther your destination to speak English skilly is. You can speak English in case you are lack of vocabulay, unaccurate pronunciation. You only need open your mouth and talk, since your skill will be enhanced gradually.

Along with time, you speak and speak so much; Moreover, you update deficient knowledges and vocabulary, your Practice of speaking English will be certainly promoted.


The reason: being afraid of making mistakes.

People are often afraid of making mistakes as they talk. In fact, nobody is perfect. You won’t make any mistakes when you do nothing. However, this way will make you no progression.

The baketball star – Michael said: “ I have falsed 9.000 tosses in my career, have been defeated in 300 matches. There were 26 times which I surely won in decided toss but finally I failed. I have failed time by time in my life. And that is the reason why I have successed.

The solution: The more mistakes you get, the better you are.

Practising talking English so much to prevent you from making mistakes in communication.

In this situation, the way to solve problem of making mistakes sounds unusually, but English masters advise you to make mistakes as you can. It is good for you. If you don’t have any mistakes in a day, it means your speaking skill haven’t been practised enough. This doesn’t mean you try to create mistakes, you have to recognise your mistakes and correct them.

Grammar is the thing you should pay attention lastly during your practising time. It is more important for you to speak clearly, cofidently, pronounce correctly and easily to understand. Speaking English fluently and coherently will come to you one day.


The reason: Being disappointed yourself

Practising talking English requires a lot of your mind. At a time, you will think that you can’t get the ability to speak English fluently and you can’t find any suitable words to express your ideas.

So, it is easy to realise that some people often say sorry or feel shy because of making some mistakes unconscously when they talk to native speakers

The solution: stop disappoiting yourself

In fact, native speakers don’t pay much attention on making mistakes while communicating, because they think that it is impolite to catch other people’s errors while they are talking. So, you shouldn’t feel so sad about your speaking English not good enough.

Most people have to go through this time when they study English. It may costs several weeks for someone who practises regularly and even takes hundred years if they only spend several times at the English centers every weeks. The best way to pass this discouraged mentality is practising and practising.

Stop disappointing yourself in comminicating English

Let’s remember that the disappointment is not from your lacking of intelligence or this language is too difficult for you. This is only felling that everyone has to experience. You should face with your disappointment and continue practising in order to overcome this period more quickly.


The reason: being affected while speaking English which makes other people not understand.

Sometimes, you get some problems in your expression because the opposite people don’t understand what you are talking. This is not your error, but you still be affected  and make you some problems in speaking English.

The solution: don’t consider it a problem.

In the accent, including English always has a variety. A person who is familiar with this accent will find it difficult to understand when he contacts with other one at the first time.

In this case, they don’t understand your talking not because of your not good English skill, it is because they haven’t had experience enough in contacting different accents.

Beside, you can also meet this problem when you talk to people whose English level is lower than you, especially when you use difficult words or phrases that they haven’t ever learned. Remember that we are not the same position on the long way to conquer English. So, you should keep your mentality comfortable when you talk as if  you practise speaking English at home.

English is a way, not a destination. That is a long process to learn and practise. So, you shouldn’t stop your learning English with any reasons.

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