How to learn English well?

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With a country which English is not official language  as Vietnam, being good at English is an advantage. It makes employers understand how much time  and efford you have invested in owning a new language. So, how a busy person can learn English well?

The good way of learning English for busy adults

With people who learn English well, have the same feeling that this is truthly a language of having interesting and challenge things.

The challenge is not only at the learning language. After gaining a number of vocabulary, new lessons continue giving you skills of comminicating, owning situations, listening English…

So, once you don’t have much time, but you want to learn English well, you need:

Firstly, identify the purpose of learning English

This is adjusted to be an important factor that helps you start to learn any langugages. So, you should determine what you learn English to do.

With the clear aims, you won’t be overwhelmed before the thousands of webs, information, referent ducumantary on the internet. Especially, learning English won’t be deviated.

For example

If you want to learn English for cirtificates, you have to practise tests on the web of TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS…and concentrate on doing exercises everyday.

If your purpose of learning English is for communication, it is very simple for you to find the films which have English subtitle (of course it is US/UK films), or conversations, interviews with every topics you like…and listen to them everyday, then practise them again. By this way, you not only remember vocabulary quickly, but also know slangs, accurate pronunciation and social knowleges.

Secondly, Learning English well from the worst point.

The hurry won’t give any good results in learning languages. So that, you shouldn’t worry about your weakness and slowliness in learning language and constrain yourself on the ineternet  plot courses and programs.

Let’s start your learning naturally and suggest the strategy to overcome your worst point. By this way, the English learning will be easier and more efficient.

For example

You are listening to English very badly, so you should listen to conversations, talking lessons, short films, English songs everyday.

If you can’t remember grammar, you find out refering examples of grammar or English Idioms to learn.

Since that, you gradually improve and expand your learning sphere without being flinched and distracted by the variety and the messy of programs, webs.

Thirdly, maintaining your habit everyday

Another important thing in learning English well is maintaining your habit.

This way helps people who don’t have enough time or condition to take part in English centers or clubs, can self study. This is the time that your persistence and self – studying are heightened.

However, it is convenient for you to be completetly comfortable to choose a suitable timetable, learning ways and documantary. The most important thing is that you have to maintain your daily self-study habit everyday, every hour.

Fourthly, Learning English well with videos.

With the videos guiding learning English online also bring you an uncomparative results.

Clearly, It is because this way meets two the most important parts of listening and looking and then is the pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar…

Depending on your condition, you can follow a course which you book on the internet. Beside, there are a lot of videos which are shared freely. The important thing is that you should choose easy understanding videos and make you pleasant to follow everyday.

Fifthly, don’t forget to practise English

You shouldn’t think that listening to English everyday is the way to practise English because it only helps you listening skill, vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. Another important thing is that you need to communicate English.

To learn English well, you try to chat yahoo, facebook, chat webcam with US/UK friends, or take part in the courses of native teachers.

You can do everyway you want but it is necessary for you to practise communicating English. This is the way to check again what you have learned.

Sixthly, choosing a suitable course

A suitable English course for busy people needs to have the following elements:

+ A flexible time frame

+ Curriculum is suitble with the learner’s ability and hobby

+ Spending a lot of time on comminicating with native teachers

Beside, the timetable arrangement is based on the learners’ freetime. You don’t have to hurry to attend the class ontime after work or stop learning because of not wanting to miss the previous lessons.

All above elements can be solved with courses at IGEN foreign language center

Seventhly, learning environment is 100% English

In general, a class which is used 100% English, will help the learners gain the efficiency and shorten competent time. The advantage of learning in a 100% English environment  helps learners think, reflect more quickly without translating in your mind.

A 100% English environment creates habit of talking language, pass the feeling of surprise talking. So, although the busy adults have a short time for learning, they can learn English well.

Experiencing the fact language regularly will make you more excited with learning. With in, your language ability can be waked up though you are too busy to arrange if learning English becomes your private hobby.

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