The simple and efficent way to learn communication English for the adults

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Before researching the methods of simple English communication learning, the masters want to emphasise an important thing: “The result will not be gained in one or two days, but it needs time (depends on the effort of each person), thus, everyone shouldn’t give up soon if they haven’t tried their best”. Recognising this problem clearly will help you find out a suitable learning method.   

You need to confirm clearly what your purpose of learing communication English is? You want to communicate with native people, go on holiday, be resident abroad or serve in your job…After that, you base on your purpose to choose suitable knowledge, method, avoid of rambling learning which costs much time and is easy to make boring.    

For example, if you want to learn Engish for communication, you should find out the lessons, listening exercises that refer to your job. This will help your communication learning be more simple.

Learning vocabulary by phrases

It’s sure that you only communicate by English well when you own the richness of vocabulary. In order to help you use the vocabulary that you have just studied quickly, you have to cancel the way of learning each word in English. Whereas, you should learn popular, general phrases in daily communication.

Learning English by phrases will help you remember longer, know how to use them in different contexes and increase your reflective ability. You only need learn by heart 5 phrases everyday and review them regularly, your vocabulary will be  full quickly.

Combining listening and speaking skill

To promote your speaking skill, you should listen more and more. This is a simple way to learn English which a lot of  people have used successfully.

If you are  at basic English level, you can watch cartoon films with Vietnamese and English subtitle to practise listening skill, because these films have simple contains and familiar vocabulary which help you find it easy to understand. Beside, if you don’t want to get bored in learning English, you can listen all topics that you like and remember to maintain this habit everyday to have a good result.

During listening, you need to combine writing phrases, new English structures, then translate and imitate the same pronunciation with the characters, read again for more times which will make your sound, intonation alike with native spearkers.

Learn how to pronounce English correctly

Although you have a rich vocabulary level, you don’t pronounce accurately and corectly in communication, others won’t understand what you say. So, to promote the ability in communicating Engilsh, everyone should pay attention to the pronunciaton.

You can learn to pronounce accurately as native speakers through listening to English everyday. During listening, you try to imitate the character’s speech to get the accurate pronuciation and the efficient listening and speaking learning. You can record your reading accent and compare with the original one in order to overcome and adjust mistakes. This will help you remember longer. If you use the way of learning English above, you will be surprised at your ability of pronunciation and speaking English in a short time.

Spending time on practising everyday

“Learning with practice”, if you only learn the theory without practising, it won’t gain the efficiency.

If you don’t have much time to practise because of being busy with your houseworks and job, you can use time of noon at your company, time after finishing chore to watch an English film, listen to music or watch your favourite English programs and remember to listen, learn vocabulary and speak follow the characters.

You also can practise speaking English in front of  a mirror by yourself, join English clubs, conferences at weekends or go to places where have a lot of foreign people to talk with them,…This will help you be more confident, increase the reflective ability, promote your pronuciation quickly.

Be confident in learning comminication English

More adults have given up their communication English learning because of lacking of confidence.

If you don’t remove the above negative thoughts, you won’t never gain any good results eventhough you try to use those methods of learning communication English.

You should be confident, comfortable because nobody laughs at you when you speak English wrongly. Everyone understands that this is not your mother language, so you have right to be wrong and correct them.

If you haven’t known which English center is good for you to learn communication English, let’s contact with IGEN foreign language to be consulted, suggested specific aims for you to choose a suitable English learning route, avoid of spending a lot of time and money.

We hope this writing will help you have more usefull information.

We wish you be successfull!

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